Common Types of Websites You Must Know

Common website types

Websites have become a familiar topic for almost every Tom, Dick and Harry these days but trust me when I say that not everyone know the difference the different types of websites out there. In these post, I am going to take you through the most notable types of websites you can come across.

Websites are primarily static or dynamic. Find below the different types of website you can possibly find when next you browse the internet.

1. Personal Websites

These type of websites are targeted at individuals ranging from public office holders, influence makers and are geared towards creating room for for content sharing with friends and family. The first part of portion of the URL holds the ISP name (Internet Service Provider) and the last part holds your name as a person. These sites offer just a limited amount of server capabilities and are not search engine optimized and are not suitable for marketing business.

2. Blog Websites

Just as the name implies, blog websites are tailor-made for bloggers who may be tutors, specialist on a particular topic, relationship expert or just a hobbyist. Bloggers are basically seen as hobbyist who took their hobby to the extreme and decide to make something out of their fun affair.

Example of a blog website is Bellaoblog.

3. Corporate Websites

This are corporate owned websites geared towards businesses and corporate organizations. The website build interface maybe tailored around showcasing the business or organization products and services.

Example of a corporate website is Gfoldc Global

4. E-commerce

Otherwise known as online stores or portals, e-commerce websites are becoming more and more popular as the days go by. These are websites built to serve as online shopping centers for consumers. A typical e-commerce website will have products and services listed for sale, categories, checkout options and delivery method.

An example of e-commerce is Alibaba.

5. News Websites

These are sites that give the latest news in politics, entertainment, weather and sports. They publish breaking news concerning a particular region or from around the globe. News websites are updated on the go therefore, updates are added to the site as they happen.

An example of news website is CNN

6. Portfolio Websites

A portfolio websites is aimed at showcasing the portfolio of a particular service provider. These websites reduce content to the barest minimum in other to optimize its functionality.

An example of a portfolio website is Bronxville Photography

7. Membership Websites

These are websites that offer membership options to its members. Membership can be free or paid depending on the website. This types of websites are often called social networking sites.

An example of membership sites is NNU

8. Q&A and Review Websites

These two are a little different but they look all the same. Question and answer websites are just question and answer websites. Users ask disturbing questions hoping to get answers from fellow members. Question and answer websites may also be called forums. Review websites on the other hand make reviews concerning products especially recently released products. These type of websites are often membership websites as well.

Example is Quora

9. Classified Ads Websites

These are websites that are focused on Ads placement and promotions. They basically display advert of different categories. Example is Jiji.

10. Job Boards

Job boards look like classified ads site too but they are often streamlined to display just job openings available. Example is Ngcareers.

11. Online Course Websites

This types of websites come in handy if you are out to acquire a skill from the comfort of your home. Online course websites have become popular over the years.

Example of online course website is Udemy


Coupon Websites

Ticketing Websites

Wedding Websites

Micro Blogging Websites

Whichever type of website you are looking for these days, you can find on the internet. Leave a comment if you think we missed anything. Leave your question in the comment box and we will attend to them swiftly.

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Written by Tare Magbei

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